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Camron Bickford
  últim editat: Mon, 22 Jan 2018 12:21:14 -0500  
@Hubzilla Support Forum+ Now that tags and search are working on my hub, I've been playing with the options a bit.

Is it possible to combine multiple tags in a search or combine a tag and keyword in search?

Example1 - search for: #photo #cats
Returns: posts tagged with photo but ignores the "cats" option

Example 2: #photo cats
Returns: posts tagged with "photo cats"

I can't figure how how to search for posts tagged as #photo & containing the keyword cats.
Is this not possible at the moment, or am I not putting in the right queries?
I recall the search module code being relatively simple. If you can understand PHP code I recommend looking at the source. It'll answer a lot of questions.
Help after install - permissions 777 danger

Camron Bickford
  últim editat: Thu, 18 Jan 2018 15:21:52 -0500  
@Hubzilla Support Forum+ During the Hubzilla install the instructions are to "chmod -R 777 store". I do have sufficient
privilege to change this to something better, but I guess I don't have sufficient knowledge to make these directories writeable
only by the webserver. I'm on a Ubuntu16 vps.

Current Properties for the "store" folder are:
owner: root
access: read & write
group: www-data
access: read & write
others: read & write

I really don't want to mess things up playing with things I don't understand.

Should I
sudo chown -R www-data /var/www/
and then
chmod -R 755 /var/www/

(my wordpress also isn't able to install plugins, so I'm thinking the whole server needs permission changes instead of just the Hubzilla directory)
Mike Macgirvin
That would work.

Technically the only things that www-data has to *write* are .htconfig.php (but only during installation) and store (where uploaded and server-generated files are kept). Your server security will be improved if you only give www-data permission to write to those specific locations and allow it to read from everything else.

You may also need to give www-data write permission to create symlinks in addon, view/theme, and widget if you use the built-in repository management features. I prefer to do these manually and keep write access restricted to the store folder.
Alexandre Hannud Abdo
Yeah, usually you want the webserver (www-data) to have read permission to everything.

In the case of WordPress, for auto-updates to work, write permission as well.

For Hubzilla the webserver needs write permissions at least to the /store folder if I recall correctly. The rest can remain read-only.

I personally prefer to keep the files owned by root (or my user), with full access, then have www-data as the group for all files, and give group read/write permissions as needed.
Camron Bickford
Under Admin ->Features there is the option to "lock" for every feature. What does that do? ;/
Alexandre Hannud Abdo
It locks the feature's state for all members of the hub.
Camron Bickford
Of course it would. Cool avatar :) Thank you!
Trying to comment on Gravizot posts

Camron Bickford
@Hubzilla Support Forum+ Hi. Thanks to the Hubzilla 3.0.1 Bugfix Release I am able to authenticate on the site again with my hub. However I'm still not able to post from the Gravizot site or comment on other posts there. My hub shows that we are connected, but I'm guessing there might still be some mix ups with since I've had a few test accounts and tried to reconnect multiple times in the last week.

Any recommendations on what I should do?

I have corrected your permissions on
Please test again.
Alexandre Hannud Abdo
It might be that you just don't have permission. Did you check your permissions in the connection edit page, under "Individual permissions"?
Camron Bickford
Yes. I can post and comment now. Only issue left is that my hub isn't showing any post from Gravizot at the forum link ( but maybe it just needs to catch up now.
Camron Bickford
@Hubzilla Support Forum+ trying to post to the gravizot support forum since I am having remote authentication problems.

my original issue is here:

Is anyone seeing my post?
You are registered at support 3 times with and 1 times with
I have removed three first connections. Re-connect, please.
support = gravizot support forum = Hubzilla Support Forum
Camron Bickford
Thank @Alex   you for removing the older connections. I didn't know how to do that
Camron Bickford
Seems to be working here.
Camron Bickford
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