Camron Bickford
  últim editat: Mon, 22 Jan 2018 12:21:14 -0500  
@Hubzilla Support Forum+ Now that tags and search are working on my hub, I've been playing with the options a bit.

Is it possible to combine multiple tags in a search or combine a tag and keyword in search?

Example1 - search for: #photo #cats
Returns: posts tagged with photo but ignores the "cats" option

Example 2: #photo cats
Returns: posts tagged with "photo cats"

I can't figure how how to search for posts tagged as #photo & containing the keyword cats.
Is this not possible at the moment, or am I not putting in the right queries?
Andrew Manning
I recall the search module code being relatively simple. If you can understand PHP code I recommend looking at the source. It'll answer a lot of questions.