Trying to comment on Gravizot posts

Camron Bickford
@Hubzilla Support Forum+ Hi. Thanks to the Hubzilla 3.0.1 Bugfix Release I am able to authenticate on the site again with my hub. However I'm still not able to post from the Gravizot site or comment on other posts there. My hub shows that we are connected, but I'm guessing there might still be some mix ups with since I've had a few test accounts and tried to reconnect multiple times in the last week.

Any recommendations on what I should do?

I have corrected your permissions on
Please test again.
Alexandre Hannud Abdo
It might be that you just don't have permission. Did you check your permissions in the connection edit page, under "Individual permissions"?
Camron Bickford
Yes. I can post and comment now. Only issue left is that my hub isn't showing any post from Gravizot at the forum link ( but maybe it just needs to catch up now.